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Dr Jérôme Benamou
Specialist surgeon

After receiving my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008, I focused on small animal surgery. After several internships, a research fellowship in orthopedics (Michigan State University) and a residency, I graduated from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) in 2017. Since 2015, I have practiced specialized pet surgery at several referral centers in the greater Montreal area, before embarking on the adventure of mobile surgery with Coupez! I'm trained to perform soft-tissue surgery (urogenital, digestive, respiratory, and oncology), orthopedic (TPO, TPLO, deformity corrections, fractures, etc.), as well as neurosurgery. I have participated in numerous research projects and scientific articles in international veterinary journals.

I am the father of Mathilda, an adorable little girl who occupies most of my spare time. Four "survivors" complete my family: three cats (Pastille, Croquette, and Fugueuse) and Barbie, a tiny Chihuahua cross who was abandoned because she had a broken leg that I repaired.

Scientific publications

• Job C, Lecavalier J, Dunn M, Gatineau M, Planté J, Benamou J, et al. Comparison of percutaneous cystolithotomy and open cystotomy for removal of urethral and bladder uroliths in dogs: Retrospective study of 81 cases (2014-2018). J Vet Intern Med. 2022; 36( 6): 2063- 2070

• De Arburn Parent R, Benamou J, et al. Open reduction and cranial bone plate fixation of fractures involving the distal aspect of the radius and ulna in miniature- and toy-breed dogs: 102 cases (2008-2015). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2017 Jun 15;250(12):1419-1426

• Lecoq T, Benamou J. « Des corps étrangers pas comme les autres » Présentation de deux corps étrangers gastriques perforants atypiques – Le rapporteur 2016

• Benamou J, Demianiuk RM, Rutherford S, et al. Effect of bending direction on a SOP and LC-DCP constructs in; an in vitro mechanical study. VCOT 2015;28(6):433-40• Rutherford S, Demianiuk RM, Benamou J, et al. Effect of intramedullary rod diameter on a SOP-rod construct in mediolateral bending; an in vitro mechanical study Vet Surg. 2015 Jun 19• Demianiuk RM, Benamou J, Rutherford S, et al. Effect of screw type and distribution on the torsional stability of 3.5 mm string of pearls locking plate constructs Vet Surg. 2015 Jan;44(1):119-25.

• Benamou J, Gatineau M - Atypical cause of lameness: Avulsion of the digital long extensor tendon in a dog. Le Rapporteur, December 2013-January 2014 [In French]

• Boudreau B, Benamou J, von Pfeil D, et al. Effect of Screw Insertion Torque on Mechanical Properties of Four Locking Systems Veterinary Surgery,Vol 42, No. 5, 2013• Sicotte V, Benamou J, Fifle L, et al: Use of surgery and mitoxantrone chemotherapy in a dog with disseminated lymphangiosarcoma,JAVMA, Vol 241, No. 12, 15 Dec, 2012• Benamou J, Lussier B, Alexander K, et al: Diagnosis of a feline scapular aneurysmal bone cyst by the use of combined imaging features and histopathology JAVMA, Vol 240, No. 1, 1er Jan, 2012

Dog or cat?


Your hidden talent?

"I love to cook, and if I'm to believe what my nearest and dearest say, I do it well!"

What's your favorite pastime?

"Playing tennis and following the results of my favorite soccer team Olympique de Marseille."

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