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Irène Arto
Irène Arto

My path in the veterinary field began in a rather atypical way. Passionate about animal care since childhood, I completed a bachelor's degree in biology and then a master's degree in neuroscience at Université de Montréal, before moving on to animal health technician at Vanier College. After graduating in 2017, I already had a keen interest in anesthesia and pharmacology. So it was only natural that I began my career in the surgery department of a referral center. I started working with Dr. Benamou in 2020, and was delighted to follow him in 2023 on the Coupez adventure!

Certified Animal Health Technician

Dog or cat?

"100% cat!"

Your hidden talent?

"It seems that, ever since I was little, I've found it very easy to learn a new language. As well as French and English, I have a grounding in German and Portuguese. I even took Latin for 3 years!"

What's your favorite pastime?

"I spend most of my free time at the stable with my horse, Allie. We also compete in eventing during the summer. I also really enjoy driving down country roads with music blasting at full volume!"

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