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Kassandra Pagé
Kassandra Pagé

When I was very young, I used to say that I was going to raise horses, but then I changed my mind. I wanted to become a veterinarian. Ultimately, I had a true revelation when I discovered the program that would become my profession – that of an Animal Health Technician!

I worked in various veterinary establishments from my first semester. I graduated in May 2021 from Cégep Lionel-Groulx with a wealth of knowledge and numerous merits under my belt. To broaden my horizons, I completed an internship at a reference center from June to December 2021, where my interest in surgery and anesthesia was confirmed. After my internship, I was hired in specialized surgery and anesthesia, allowing me to learn new, more specialized techniques that I love applying. Always seeking new challenges, I came across the wonderful project that is Coupez and decided to dive into this adventure with both feet!

Certified Animal Health Technician

Dog or cat?

"Chat comme animal de compagnie, mais chien en milieu vétérinaire!"

Your hidden talent?

"Regularly brushing my cat's teeth!"

What's your favorite pastime?

"Running, walking, and cycling. I also enjoy playing video games and reading."

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