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Mélanie Armand
Mélanie Armand

I come from Jura in the east of France. Growing up surrounded by animals, I naturally decided to turn this passion into a profession. I initially obtained a professional degree in the management and operation of a canine and feline business. Later, I became a veterinary assistant at a veterinary establishment in Lyon, where I successfully earned my specialized veterinary assistant diploma. I worked there for 7 years before deciding to further specialize, leading me to work in specialized surgery and sterilization at a reference center. I recently moved to Canada to explore what the Quebec veterinary environment has to offer, and now here I am in the Coupez! adventure.

Technical Assistant

Dog or cat?


Your hidden talent?

"I have participated in several fashion shows and photo sessions; I adore fashion and makeup."

What's your favorite pastime?

"I love traveling to discover the hidden secrets of this beautiful world we live in."

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